Wishing for Warmer Weather    Spring Break Beach Attire
Surf, sun, sand, beaches and bikinis are all typical aspects of a spring break vacation, especially if you live in Florida. With that in mind — and weather warm enough that I was about to go on a hunt for my summer clothes, which have been long in hiding — I was planning for my spring break wardrobe to include at least one of these. Instead the weather had other plans, and it is pretty much back living in a sweater, a pair of jeans, a coat and a pair of boots, while I try to avoid venturing out into the frigid temperatures. (Honestly, who am I trying to kid? If the weather was warmer I MIGHT have made it to the beach a grand total of one time, but I would still like to have the option!)

As the week has been progressing, the weather is beginning to get a bit warmer, but unfortunately not warm enough for me to venture out in anything less than jeans. However, if you are somehow be lucky enough to be having beach weather this week, or have a spring break later on I have found a few cute pieces that actually leave me daydreaming for the beach. (This is not a usual thing, but these are just too cute to not want to wear them!)

The first is the same Topshop Navy Chevron Stripe Bikini, $56 I linked above. I love this suit for three reasons: One, I always have a hard time passing up anything that is blue. Two, the shape and structural design are not the typical bikini shape and I am always searching for something that is unique. Three, the blue and white stripes give off a nautical vibe, and overall the suit strikes me as a more classy choice for a bikini.

My second choice of spring suits is the J.Crew Candy Anchor Underwire Tank, $88. I know that typically one-piece suits are a thing left in the past, but lately I can not get over how cute some of these one-piece suits look! Again I admit, the suit is blue, white and nautical, but for a pale-skinned girl like me, I love how the dark blue is striking against the skin.

One final piece is the Topshop Tangerine Maxi Cover Up, $64. We all know that for a day at the beach or lounging at the pool, a lovely cover up is always a necessity. Compared to the other pieces in this post, it is the only one that is not blue, a surprise – I know- however, the tangerine color is a perfect contrast to the navy blue of the two above suits. As an added bonus, the Topshop cover up incorporates the maxi dress, lace and pop of bright color trends, which make this perfect for the transition into the warmer seasons. For the best part of the cover up, it doubles as a nice sundress for those days off the beach!

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