Some might already know, and some might not. If you have been following my Twitter/Instagram, I am sure you have figured it out.

Friday morning, I arrived in Germany for my first ever trip to Europe. When we got here, it was rainy and a brisk 50 degrees outside, which immediately felt as if I time traveled back into the Floridian winter. Even on a cloudy day,  the German countryside is beautiful. IMG 0005 1024x768 Wanderlust: Europe

While I am absolutely loving it here, there is a few differences when it comes to my blog. First the time change, I am six hours ahead of my normal timezone, and I am still having troubles wrapping my head around the major difference. Second of all I don’t have constant access to internet, especially while I am traveling around. Therefore, I want to apologize for the extreme randomness in posting — I haven’t forgotten about blogging at all! I am beyond excited to share my travels throughout Germany, and to Poland, Paris and Amsterdam with all of you for the next three weeks! (I do have fashion posts planned as well.)

Tomorrow,well today for everyone reading, I will be heading up to northern Germany to visit/meet some of my family. Also, this week I will be heading to Poland to see where my mom is from.

In the meantime, here are a few more pictures from Saturday. We visited a local market that had all sorts of amazing fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, pastries and flowers.

IMG 0046 768x1024 Wanderlust: Europe

IMG 0050 768x1024 Wanderlust: Europe

Fresh-squeezed orange juice anyone? Whole oranges are placed in the machine, and are quickly turned into deliciously fresh OJ. (I was actually pretty amazed to see this.)

IMG 0043 768x1024 Wanderlust: Europe

 Finally, it was bright and sunny, so I was able to take a nice shot of the fields when we went on a walk. I am obsessed with the vibrant colors of all of the flowers.

IMG 0072 1024x768 Wanderlust: Europe

I’ll be posting pictures/updates when I can to my Instagram and Twitter, so don’t forget to follow me there to see my travels! I can’t wait to share this amazing experience with you. Look for my hashtag #WIFEurope for all of the tweets/pictures in one place!

Tschüs 🙂


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