A few months ago, I bought my first pair of Toms, and I fell in love.

These were the first pair of flats I had ever found to be completely comfortable to wear. So naturally, I wore them everywhere. To and from class, around town, on airplanes, on trains and throughout my trip to Europe.

After walking in them so much, they are starting to show some wear. (I, partially, blame the unexpected rains while we were in Paris.)  So, I decided to look for a new pair, especially since school will be starting soon, and I need a pair of comfortable shoes.

While browsing the website, I found not only three pairs of the solid-colored classic style that I love, but a couple of prints, and a few pairs wedges. With so many great options, it is really tough to choose just one.

My favorite part about buying from Toms is their One for One Movement. With every shoe purchase that is made, Toms donates a pair of shoes to a child in need in more than 60 countries, according to their website. While many people know about their shoe program, I just realized that Toms also has a program to help restore sight that is established in 13 different countries. To learn more about this amazing mission visit: One for One Movement.

Which pair is your favorite? Help me decide, and let me know in the comments below. 

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