Pastels for Spring Three Spring Dresses to Wear to Class

1. Modcloth ($42.99) 2.Modcloth ($52.99) 3. Loft ($98)

“The sun has come out… and the air is vivid with spring light.” ~Byron Caldwell Smith

To me, Written in Fashion is more than just the name of my blog. It symbolizes two aspects the intertwining of two important aspects of my life — writing and fashion.

It is due to my love for words and writing that I also love quotes, and I found that the above quote by Smith is an accurate descriptor of the way I feel when the sun finally comes out for springtime.

Now it is a few weeks into spring and warmer weather has finally arrived — I am hoping for good this time.

With the air finally losing it’s wintry chill, I  have been yearning to liven up my my spring wardrobe with a few pastel dresses perfect for daytime wear.

In general, dresses are some of my favorite pieces within my wardrobe. For one I love the versatility, as some can easily be dressed up or down depending on how the rest of the look is styled. Two, I find that dresses are simply pleasant to wear.

So for this spring, I have been gravitating toward the pastel colors and fun designs that really emphasizes the happiness and refreshing energy that I feel comes along with the change in seasons.

After looking around for a bit, I have found three dresses that fit the bill and make me want to twirl around, as I soak up the sun.

First is the colorful high life dress by Modcloth. This amazing dress features a sweetheart neckline with a white base covered in varying pastel-colored flowers.

The second dress is the and the living is breezy dress also by Modcloth. A solid peach color, the added details of ruffles around the neckline and pleats are subtle, yet add the right amount of flair to make the perfect dress.

My third choice is the striped pleated skirt dress by  LOFT. While this dress is my most expensive choice, I particularly love the effect created by the contrast between the pink and white stripes.

I find all three of these dresses extremely wearable for a multitude of settings. However, as I am currently a student, I am always looking find a way to make my outfits cute, yet not too over the top for class.  As I go to school with a rather large campus, and I have to do a lot of walking during the day, I prefer to not wear heels during the week.

To wear these — or a different spring dress to class — I would either pair with a simple sandal, or a pair of flats. Lately, my eye has been on a pair of natural canvas classics by Toms. Finally, topped with either a light cardigan or a jean jacket and my hair in a braid,  this look is ready to go to class.

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