Spring Shorts and Stripes

After spending the past few months living in jeans, I am ready for the perks of spring — warmer weather, fresh flowers and of course the upcoming spring fashions — to finally begin.

A few weeks ago, I was browsing through J. Crew and found these amazing pleated short in structured cotton that I instantaneously fell in love with.

Running out of  time, and in a rush for dinner, I put the shorts down before I had the chance to purchase and have been regretting the moment ever since.

The trend for colored bottoms –jeans, skirts, shorts and etc. — has been around for a few seasons now, but I still am slacking in the department. I am in desperate need for a pair of colored shorts, and I know that this will be the first pair I buy.

In the color pacific turquoise, these shorts are the perfect color for spring, and will soon be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. Besides being an amazing color, the other aspect that I love about these shorts are the pleats.

The pleats are an added bit of flair, which dresses up the shorts and makes them more “dressy” in comparison to a regular pair. While the shorts come in at $59.50, the pair remains to be a short that is more appropriate for a nicer occasion, and easily worn.

My other splash of spring color comes from the shirt that I am completely in love with for this post. It is the neon stripe rolled sleeve zip back tee from Express –for some reason the two pieces I chose have mouthful’s for names.

Normally costing $49.90, the shirt is currently on sale for $29.94.

I love this shirt as it incorporates the nautical, stripe and bright color trends into one piece that makes it an amazing shirt for spring. Despite incorporating so many of the spring styles into one shirt, the overall effect isn’t overwhelming, instead it remains in balance.

While I am counting down the days where I can finally put away my winter clothing for good, I am wishing still that warmer weather will be coming soon.  Hopefully, with spring officially here and summer around the corner I will actually be able to wear a pair of shorts soon!

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