Coral and Blue Cheetah Print 3 Its Gone: My Short Hair Debut

Are you a risk taker, or do you tend to play it safe?

Normally, if I have found something I like, I tend to stick with it, but recently I decided to take a chance.

As, I am sure you can tell, I chopped off a good bit of my hair when I got my latest cut. (See my last outfit post to compare.)

I had had it long for awhile, and I was ready for a change. I knew I wanted something completely different, but no one believed that I would go this short.

After watching Perks of Being a Wallflower (click here for the trailer) both to and from Germany — yes, really — I sort of fell in love with Emma Watson’s super short hair. While I decided against going THAT short, it is still a look inspired by Ms. Watson.

When I went to my appointment, I brought three different pictures to my hairdresser to see what she could do. (Admittedly, I was kind of nervous to lose so much length.)

But now, it is needless to say, I LOVE it!! My hairdresser added a ton of layers, texture and made it so it is super easy to style and take care of. (Thank you SO much, Tina!)  I love how there is so many ways that I can style it and make it look super cute. I couldn’t be happier with the cut.

While this was a big risk for me — normally I don’t go short because I like having the option of putting it in a ponytail — I am really loving the drastic change. As it is so much shorter than before, it really challenges me to be more creative with how I style my hair.

Plus, one BIG bonus for me, is my hair is way LESS knotty at this length, so I don’t have to spend as much time working out the knots.

So next time you go to get your hair cut, and you are thinking about a drastic change. Do it. You may love it just as much as I love mine.

Coral And Blue Cheetah Print 4 Its Gone: My Short Hair Debut

Blue and Coral Cheetah Print 2 Its Gone: My Short Hair Debut

Orange and Blue Cheetah Print 1 Its Gone: My Short Hair Debut

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How about you? Who/what is your hair style inspiration?

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pixel Its Gone: My Short Hair Debut