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All of the products that are and will be featured on this site reflect items that I would wear myself. All of the opinions that are expressed are my own, and I will always disclose products that are gifted. I control all of the content that is on the site, and I will always give my complete and total honest opinion on any item I feature.

Privacy Policy

As Privacy is important here at Written in Fashion personal information — names, email addresses and any other — submitted will never be sold, rented or added to any third-party mailing lists without consent. Therefore, Written in Fashion does not store information collected about your visit to this blog, nor does it share personal information with third-parties. All information collected on this site is simply used to analyze performance.

Some links that are featured on this blog may be affiliated.

Regarding my current internship

I was lucky enough to be selected as an intern for Six Degrees Hair Ties, which is an accessories company. Any mention of the products offered by Six Degrees is fully my own decision, as I control the full editorial content of my blog, Written in Fashion. I would not include any products that I would not use in my own personal life, and these are my personal choice in hair ties. While I have received hair ties from Six Degrees as part of my internship, I was not expected/asked/told etc. to include them in my work here at Written in Fashion. They are on this blog, because I choose to wear and use the products. The editorial integrity of my blog is of the upmost importance to me as a blogger, and aspiring journalist.

Any questions, concerns etc. please do not hesitate to contact me at or with the form below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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