Cosmetic Case PDF 2 A Home for your Beauty Collection

 1. MARC by MARC JACOBS $52.26 2. Pottery Barn 3. Vera Bradley

The typical tools women utilize everyday in their morning routines, ranges from foundation to eyeliner and includes a variety of brushes.With so many products intended for every step of the process, bathroom countertops can easily become a cluttered mess.

A simple solution for this problem is to have a “house” for it all.

As the cosmetic case that I currently have is too small to hold all of my collection in one place, I am on the hunt for a new makeup bag.

After browsing around online, I have narrowed the plethora of options to three choices (from small to large) that I really love.

The first choice — Pretty Nylon’ Cosmetics Pouch — is definitely the smallest, but I particularly like the size for travel. This case is a fun bright color, and it is good to pack with few essentials for when I am on the go. Also, the case is currently on sale at Nordstrom, which is always a  bonus. (Plus, who wouldn’t want a bag that is in the color “rock lobster”?)

Secondly, is the Marlo Ultimate Cosmetic Bag. Honestly, I was a bit surprised to find a case from Pottery Barn, but I like it for a few reasons. First, of the three bags showcased in this post, this one is the mid-sized case. I like how it is still small enough to easily take on a trip, and I would be able to fit more products inside for a longer stay. This case is also one of my favorite colors (blue, as you might be able to tell from previous posts), and I find that the pattern is interesting, yet clean.

However, the Hanging Organizer by Vera Bradley is my favorite case. I absolutely love how this case unfolds to show four pockets, two of which are clear zippered pouches that would make it easier to find the products inside. As the countertop in my bathroom isn’t the biggest, I love how at the top there is a hook to make it easy to hang, which would leave me a lot of room around my sink. Finally, I really want a case where I could keep everything organized all of the time so I can easily grab it and go if I need to.

Which case would you choose? Let me know in the comments below; I would love to hear your opinions!

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