wif p2 2 Just a Bit of Sparkle    Studded EarringsFebruary is supposed to be a winter month, but where I live, that is easy to forget. Often, the weather feels more appropriate for spring — until a day like today.

Less than two days ago, it was hot and sunny, but overnight we experienced a 30-degree drop in the weather and a change to gray and dreary. This weather is an unpleasant reminder of the conditions most other parts of the world are still experiencing (something my sister living in the snow suffers through on a daily basis).

Winter is synonymous for big scarves, heavy jackets, countless layers and boots. With so many heavy layers and added bulk, I find that the best way to add a bit of sparkle — into an otherwise grey day — to my look is with a pair of great earrings.

Earrings are the one piece of jewelry I wear every single day. While I love bigger dramatic statement earrings, some of my favorite pairs are studs for the more subtle, classic appeal.

The three stud pairs that are currently topping my most wanted list include:

  1. BaubleBar Ice Rose Studs, $32
  2. BaubleBar Popeye Sailor Studs, $24
  3. Bright Lily Penelope Gold, $22

Each of these three earrings appeal to me for different reasons.

The Ice Rose Studs are the most dressy of the three I have chosen. I love these earrings for their unusual shape, rosey-colored metal and delicately feminine appeal that dresses up any day outfit, and perfectly complements any outfit for a night out.

The second pair from BaubleBar features an anchor and rope trim, which make these earrings perfect for the upcoming spring nautical/sailor trend. These would look amazing with a navy and blue stripped shirt, and a skirt to top off tie together the nautical look.

For months I have been searching for what I deem to be the perfect bow earrings. I have wanted a pair of bows for awhile now, but haven’t been able to find a pair that appealed to me. With the gold rope texture, and the different take on a bow’s shape, this pair from Bright Lily is definitely the one I want!

No matter how you look at it, these three earrings are perfect for both day or night, and bringing a bit of the fresh-spring vibe into the chilly winter days.

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pixel Just a Bit of Sparkle    Studded Earrings