MSV Interview with Jessica Camerata of My Style Vita

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While she is currently submerged in the world of fashion blogging, Jessica Camerata was not always on the career path she is on now.

After graduating from Georgia State with a degree in accounting, Camerata, of Atlanta, Ga., worked in a corporate office doing revenue accounting, which she described as being a bill collector.

“It was just awful,” Camerata said. “I literally cried – I think – everyday that I went to work.”

While Camerata said she has always been interested in fashion, it was the desire to get back into writing that initially started her blog, My Style Vita, where she now displays her “Outfit du Jours” for the world to see.

She started in the corporate world of fashion toward the beginning of her blogging career. Camerata said she quit her day job on a whim to work as an intern at Alternative Apparel, an online boutique.

“Once I freed myself of being miserable, everything just sort of all started to fall into place.”

Now she works at Alternative Apparel in an inside sales position. There Camerata works with screen printers, brands and advertising specialty divisions.

“I am happier, I’m more motivated,” Camerata said. “I can’t wait to go to work everyday.”

When she started her blog one night in 2011, she was a complete novice in the blogging world. Camerata said she did not know what she was doing.

“My blog was a hot mess when I first started,” she said. “It’s just a lot of trial and error and doing a lot of research.”

Over the past two years, Camerata said she realized that she started My Style Vita, being something that she is not. Now, she said she is noticing that the more she is true to who she really is, the easier it is to write the blog and the better she thinks that it looks.

“I would say that I am a part-time professional blogger, but I work on it full-time.” However, Camerata doesn’t see the title of full-time blogger in her future. She said that she hopes her blog will help her reach her goal of owning a public relations firm.

In January, Camerata and her blogging best friend, Cathy Anderson, of Poor Little It Girl, launched a new business venture together, the Southern Blog Society.

The pair met after Camerata reached out to Anderson by email, after finding her on Twitter. Despite having lived in the same city and knowing many of the same people for two years prior, they had not previously met.

After realizing that meeting up with other bloggers was not easy, Camerata and Anderson decided to start “very elite and exclusive community” for Southern lifestyle bloggers.

“It shouldn’t be this difficult to find a blogging best friend,” she said.

The society is a place for bloggers to meet, but it also helps them to find resources in order to improve the individual blogs, Camerata said. Under the password-protected resources tab is a list of lawyers, Web designers and photographers that are all willing to work with bloggers.

“A one-stop shop for not only bloggers, but brands,” she said. “It is really for every aspect of the blogging world.”

Another part of the Southern Blog Society, is that every state will have a representative, who will reach out to bloggers and work to develop events in order for the bloggers in the state to meet up.

Camerata says she is “a normal person,” despite appearing to have some sort of superpowers as she has the ability to run her own blog, co-found a blogging community, while maintaining a day job.

Even though she is a fashion blogger, Camerata said, “I don’t have a ridiculous budget…I gotta be smart with what I buy.”

Her favorite item of clothing is an Express faux leather jacket that she has had for years, and she loves to wear “things that are flowy and girly because (she) likes to switch them up with things that are more edgy.”

Overall, Camerata said she has learned that she needs to stay true to her style, and she prefers to buy pieces that look good rather than what is considered the latest trend.

For Camerata the ultimate style advice is “to wear stuff that is tailored to your body … it can make you look amazing.”

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pixel Interview with Jessica Camerata of My Style Vita