White and Coral Lace 4 Pearls and Peplum

 I can remember the first time I saw her, as if it were yesterday.

Rewind to August 2005. It was my first day of middle school. That night, my dad came home from work to surprise me with a little brown puppy — she is now the little white fur-ball that is in the picture below — that he was holding behind his back. As you can imagine, I was extremely excited, and since then she — along with Leia — has captured my heart.

(I love it when I come home to see their happy faces and wagging tails. It definitely can brighten any day.)

It has now been almost eight years since that day, and last week — I was going to have this up then, but I had technical difficulties — she officially turned eight years old. I can’t believe so much time has past.  Happy Belated Birthday, little one!

In my last outfit post, I introduced you to my dog Leia. Well when I went out to take these, Coco was ready to go, and made sure we didn’t forget to include her in the fun. Apparently she wanted to make her own modeling debut!

For this outfit I decided to pair my coral peplum top with white jeans. TIP: When looking to make a bright color — such as this coral — pop, I have found matching it with a crisp white color really makes it stand out and look sharp.

To compliment this look, I decided to match it with a simple pearl necklace and bracelet, both of which had once belonged to my maternal grandmother. I would like to think she would approve.

White Jeans Coral Peplum 1 Pearls and Peplum

White and Coral Lace 2 Pearls and Peplum

White and Coral Lace 3 Pearls and Peplum

Cynthia Rowley Top: (Similar – Vince Camuto ) | Joe’s Jeans: (Similar) | Pearl Necklace & Bracelet: Vintage | Bucco Wedges: (Similar – Bucco & Michael Kors)  | Essie Nail Polish: No Place Like Chrome and Mod Squad

On Coco: 6 Degrees Hair Tie (Told you she was modeling.)

 I hope everyone is having a great weekend! How do you like to make your bright colors stand out? Let me know in the comments below!

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