Blue and White 1d Blue Gingham and White Jeans

Shirt: Ralph Lauren  (Similar at Gap $49.95), Pants: Joe’s (Under $100 options: Old Navy $34.50, Gap $69.95),

Shoes: Toms $54, Belt: Target $12.99, Necklace: Bright Lily (Similar 1. 2. both $52)

Hair Tie/Bracelet: Six Degrees Hair Ties $4.50

As this month — April — is quickly ending, so is my first year of college. In all honestly, that is completely strange, yet exciting at the same time. It is unfortunately due to these past few weeks being the end of the semester that my time has been completely filled with studying, projects and exams.

Therefore, as I have been planning for this to be my next outfit post for a few weeks, this was the first time I was lucky enough to have free time, nice weather and someone (thanks Mom!) willing to help me take a few pictures.

Before buying these (very similar, might be a slightly different cut to those in the pictures) jeans, I had tried a variety of colored jeans, but never plain white, and these have quickly become one of my favorite pairs. I love how crisp and clean these look — but as I worry throughout the day about keeping them that way, I try to avoid things like tomato sauce.

At the same time I bought these jeans, I also purchased the gingham button-down. While the weather has the tendency to be very hot in Florida, I like the light button-down shirts, because I can easily roll up the sleeves. I couldn’t find the exact one I am wearing in pictures, but I found one that is very similar here. One of my favorite aspects of a button down is that they can be worn in a variety of ways. For this look, I decided to match the crisp polished vibe of the white pants, by tucking in my shirt.

For a while now, I have been wearing the same pair of flip-flops with my daily outfits. I was on the hunt for a cute pair of flats that I found comfortable enough to walk around in all day, but it wasn’t until I finally ordered these Tom’s Vegan Classics a few weeks ago that I found a pair that could rival the comfort of my trusty flip-flops.

I decided to order the gray pair, as I didn’t know if I would be ordering more — I probably will — and I felt grey would be easy enough to wear with a large variety of outfits. (One detail you can’t see from most pictures, is the inside is cute ikat pink pattern.)

For two of my accessories, I added this blue belt from target, and the Tess necklace I won in a raffle from Bright Lily (which is currently sold out, but I found are two equally cute options: the Nancy necklace, and the Brianna necklace.)

Finally, for a pop of color I decided to add the darker of the pink lace hair ties from Six Degrees Hair Ties. I really liked how the bright pink was in contrast to the varying shades of blue that I was sporting at the time. As I have mentioned the hot weather before, I like to be able to pull my hair back at varying times of the day, and, so I like how it is both cute as a bracelet and functional to pull back my hair. (If you can’t tell, I really love versatility.)

Blue and White 2 Blue Gingham and White Jeans

Necklace 1b Blue Gingham and White Jeans

Last Blue and White 1 Blue Gingham and White Jeans

I am extremely excited for this outfit post, and I hope you all enjoy it!

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Also, Bright Lily is also having a promotion for $10 off with the coupon code LUVURMOM10.

Disclaimer: Bright Lily is not compensating me for providing the discount code. Recently, I was lucky enough to be selected as an intern for Six Degrees Hair Ties, which is a start-up accessories company. Any mention of the products offered by Six Degrees is fully my own decision, as I control the full editorial content of my blog, Written in Fashion. I would not include any products that I would not use in my own personal life, and these are my personal choice for hair ties. (Please see my full disclaimer regarding my internship available on my policies page.)

pixel Blue Gingham and White Jeans