Blog Tip S How to Make Clickable Links

One of my favorite ways to find new blogs is by perusing through the comment sections on blogs that I already read. I look through the comments, and if find one that piques my interest, I’ll to click through to his or her personal blog.

However, when I find that the “link” the blogger left is simply a plain text URL — which does absolutely nothing when you click on it– it is usually easier to skip it and move on. (I know you are guilty of it too. Don’t deny it.)

Some of my favorite posts, are the “gems” that exist simply exist because bloggers take the time to sit down and share a tidbit of knowledge they have learned along the way. So for today, I decided this would be the perfect first post in my blog tip series.

When I first started blogging and commenting on other blogs, I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I couldn’t figure out why some bloggers had clickable text that linked directly to their blog instead of a plain text URL. I searched for one of those handy “link” buttons, but of course I didn’t find one.

Luckily, one very helpful blogger, gave me a hint.

After some research I found the only thing you need is the following formula, where you will have to input two important items of information.

<a href=”“>Written in Fashion</a>

The parts in black are essential for the coding to work, the two colored sections are where you would put your own information.

1. In the orange section (where I have insert the link to your blog — or to whatever content you wish to link.

2. In the blue section (where I have Written in Fashion) insert whatever phrase you would like to use to describe your link. Typically, you would put your blog name here if you were linking to your blog. 

3. You should end up with a link that looks like this: Written in Fashion


Instead of having to worry about rewriting this code every time I want to make a link, I like to have it saved in a sticky note on my computer. This way it is always there when I need it.

This formula works with most commenting systems, I personally haven’t run into any problems.

Using this formula also works in other areas, but to make sure that it functions like a link instead of coding, make sure you enter it in boxes that accepts HTML coding. (Such as the “text” tab not the “visual” when writing a post on WordPress.)

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any problems or questions. 

Let me know in the comments below or email me if you have any other blogging questions! I am here to help, and I want to know what they are!

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