owl book An Owl Notebook and a Mini Recap
This past week has been one crazy day after another — both good and bad.

The majority of my time this past week was taken up studying and preparing for two different exams. Unfortunately, all of the studying, left very little time for much else, including sleep and the ever-important task of blogging.

Despite the exams, this week had one highlight that made everything better. March 19, 2013, marks the day that I was published for the first time a journalist.

The Saturday prior, I had the privilege of attending a Special Olympic Area event.  As I took notes for the article that I was writing,  I had the opportunity to talk with various volunteers and a family member of one of the athletes. It was an event that that not only opens a person’s eyes to the countless amounts of difficulties that the athletes and their families face, but also to how much the littlest of gestures can mean to someone.

While I did not spend as much time writing for my blog last week, it was anything but an afterthought.

As I work on teaching myself how to use the variety of Adobe products, I took some time to work on updating the overall look of the blog.

Also, as the week came to an end, I once again found a little owl notebook my mom had given to me earlier in the semester. For me the notebook was too cute to simply use randomly and without purpose.

After some contemplation, I realized that I am always thinking of blog posts, and I never have a place to write the ideas down. So now, I am deeming this little owl book my official blog book, for all of the posts that I can’t wait to write!

Lastly, for this current week I have something new planned to come, so don’t forget to keep up to date with Written in Fashion by following me on Twitter,  Facebook and Bloglovin’.

pixel An Owl Notebook and a Mini Recap