UT J 2 Wear a Utility Jacket in Warm Weather

1. Zara $39.90 2. LOFT $39.50 3/4. GAP $61.99 5. BaubleBar $28 6. OASIS $62

I remember days when I was younger where people would look at me funny for wearing a jacket despite the weather being 80 degrees outside — I’m sure they still do, maybe I simply notice it less.

Where I live, most days it might feel like summer, but that doesn’t mean I stay too far away from wearing jackets, no matter the weather. (In my defense, stores, restaurants and most public places are rather chilly, and I have found rain can occur even on days when it is extremely sunny — no matter the forecast.)

For this post, I was really inspired by the utility style jacket. When I was browsing the internet, I found Gap’s version, which comes in a few (really amazing) colors — I had a hard time picking just the two.

After seeing Poor Little It Girl wearing this pink BCBG dress, I have been slightly obsessing over rich shades of pink. While I was looking around to see if I could create an outfit around the utility style, I found the Chewing Gum V-Neck Blouse by Zara, and I knew it would be perfect to include.

With these two pieces in mind, the look started to fall together. I knew I wanted to have an outfit that could be worn with or without the jacket, that featured pieces that would be able to be styled in multiple outfits in the future and a look that would be considered slightly dressy for the upcoming summer months. (I am a big fan of the classic style.)

I chose the navy colored shorts to balance out the bright color of the shirt, and to keep from creating too much of a competition for the eye.

Of the colors available for the jacket, I felt the off white and desert cactus colors both complimented the navy blue and pink exceptionally well and  that each would lend a slightly different vibe to the over all look of the outfit. (I am also loving the fire coral colored jacket, and I would be ecstatic to have all three hanging in my closet.)

Finally, I wanted to keep the accessory pieces simple, yet memorable. The delicate BaubleBar necklace offsets the slight tomboy vibe of the jacket to keep the look feminine. To top the outfit off I would love to wear the Oasis Tribal Weave Sandal, which would give a very slight heel, while maintaining the comfort of a sandal. (Another shoe option by Oasis that I think would be great to have in my collection this spring/summer is the Knot Grecian Sandal.)

How would you wear a utility jacket? Tell me in the comments below!

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pixel Wear a Utility Jacket in Warm Weather