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An Interview with the Founder/CEO of 6 Degrees Hair Ties

In a time where cheap outsourced labor and machines dominate production, a startup accessory company is adding a personal touch to every one of its products.

6 Degrees Hair Ties works to be a sustainable company. All of their products are handmade in the headquarters by the staff.

“Zero machines are being used,” said Amy Fausset, founder and CEO, who along with other duties helps to make the hair ties.

Officially launched on March 1, the company specializes in elastic and lace hair ties, which double as bracelets. However, the plan is to expand to a full accessory line within six months, Fausset said.

For Fausset, 6 Degrees is both “a brand and a lifestyle.”

The name for the company is based on the theory that everyone is connected within six steps to one another. With this in mind, 5 percent of every purchase is donated to First Descents, the company’s primary charity.

First Descents is an organization that pays for young adult cancer survivors and fighters to go on action adventures, Fausset said.

To show customers how their money is helping, Fausset said 6 Degrees is working to have the stories of the young adults going on the trips available on their website.

6 Degrees began with a lifelong love for fashion and the desire to start an accessories company, Fausset said.

Previously running her own marketing company, Fausset said she waited until she was financially stable to take on her dream. She said she decided to start with elastic hair ties after using them herself for a few years and seeing a demand in the marketplace.

In order to distinguish her brand from others, Fausset said she works to ensure that 6 Degrees Hair Ties is a “trend-conscious” brand.

The selection that 6 Degrees offers is a carefully curated selection of collections that are designed to be the colors and combinations popular in the current season, she said.

She recommends wearing the hair ties with wraparound bracelets and chunky watches so that the ties act as accent pieces.

6 Degrees is one of the first companies to offer lace collections for the hair ties, Fausset said, after she was first unable to find any similar products online. She said she designed the lace hair ties after finding the material in the Los Angeles fashion district and using the material to make a bracelet.

One main problem for Fausset is not having enough hours in the day. With a growing company and countless possibilities available every day, she said “saying no to things” is one of the hardest parts of her job.

Every day tends to be a bit unexpected as the office is “very fun and creative — the ultimate start up environment,” Fausset said.

Not only is Fausset the CEO and founder of 6 Degrees, but she is also an artist. She said her inspiration for every collection comes from “the surrounding world.”

“Fashion to me, no matter how big the piece is, it’s wearable art,” Fausset said on why she loves the industry.

Make sure to check out the full line of products that are available at 6 Degrees. Let me know in the comments below which collection is your favorite! I’d love to know.

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Disclaimer: While I am currently working with 6 Degrees in an internship position, it was my decision to conduct this interview and feature it on my blog. The hair ties pictured were sent to me in order for me to work on projects for my internship, but I was never asked by the company to place them on my personal site. For a more detailed disclaimer regarding 6 Degrees, please look at my policies page.

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